The Homestead Plumbing Service Guide for Toilets

Low Flow Toilets Are a Homestead Plumbing Service SpecialityWhether you own a residence or a business, toilets are responsible for around 30% of your water bill. Replacing your old toilets with low flow versions can offer you significant water savings. With this one simple change you can save up to 11 gallons of water per toilet, per day (even more if you're toilets were installed prior to 1980). If you own a business with 10 toilets on site, that's 110 gallons of water a day or over 500 gallons a week. For a year, you're looking at 26,000 gallons saved. If you are paying for water and sewer, that means you'll save on 52,000 gallons worth of charges.

If you already have low flow toilets, proper maintenance is required to keep them from leaking. A single toilet leak can result in thousands of gallons of wasted water.

Toilet Leak Detection

Our Homestead Plumbing Service Fixes Toilet LeaksA major cause of toilet leaks, and one that is often hard to detect, is a bad tank flapper. This is the plug that releases water from the reservoir into the bowl when the toilet is flushed. If this plug leaks, water runs into the bowl continuously and is evacuated down the toilet drain. These leaks often don't make a sound and are hard to notice if you aren't looking for them. The easiest way to check for a leak like this is to place a few drops of food coloring in the reservoir. If you notice colored water in the bowl after a few minutes, you have a leak.

Other toilet leaks are a bit easier to find because they occur at the reservoir tank base inlet line or the flush handle. If you can't find the leak, but are sure it's there, contact a Homestead plumbing service representative to check it out as soon as possible. This is one instance where the sooner you fix it, the more money you'll save.

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