Professional Backflow Services

one of our techs is working on a backflow testingBackflow happens when water inside the pipes flows in reverse and travels the wrong direction. It sometimes happens when your home's water flow gets interrupted. When this occurs, dangerous chemicals and sewage might are able to get into your plumbing. This makes your water unusable for showers and undrinkable.

What Happens During Backflow Testing

When you call us to check your backflow, we'll do a test to see if there's any changes to your pipes' water flow. We clear away debris in the pipes and we test the water to ensure that there aren't any contaminants. If we find your water's safe, we'll put together the backflow prevention device. You can go back to using your water. If, however, we find contaminants, we'll start removing them and get your plumbing back to where it was.

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Backflow is Very Serious

water testing for bacteria, parasites and other kinds of dangerous organismsBecoming familiar with how serious backflow is will be essential for keeping your home's water is safe. It's not necessary to know about the issue. Having awareness of the issue can help you be prepared if you have a problem with backflow. Knowing to call a plumber like us for help so that your water can be tested, you could avoid having bacteria, parasites and other kinds of dangerous organisms.

Backflow happens over 100,000 times each year, so it's a good idea to have your water tested if the water flow's been interrupted. It's also a good idea to have a device installed to prevent backflow. That way you'll have additional help to control this hazard.

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